Flexo Graphic Printing

Multi coloured magic


All products can be supplied printed. From a single random design through to full colour process.

We have 2 CI print machines capable of printing upto 8 colours offering high quality, point of sale print to ensure your product is displayed to create maximum impact. We are also available to sub contract print only onto customers supplied material.

Here at Flexopack we are able to help with all aspects of your design. We work with you, not for you.

We are able to offer advice from experts with years of experience in packaging design, brand awareness, and retail history, to ensure that your packaging is not only correct for purpose but is eye catching, modern and reflects the your product.




We can supply almost any design of bag with detailed print.

We know how important your Brand is and just how hard you have worked to build that confidence in your Company and your product.

At Flexopack we are able to help make sure your brand design and image follows right through to your packaging.

We are able to work alongside existing designers to ensure that your packaging design complements your product.




We can offer in house advice and design on reproductive artwork to ensure you select the best possible styles and format to display your products. With our wealth of knowledge we have helped many customers change the style of their packaging to create better function and point of sale impact.