Polythene Conversion

Many Styles Of Bags

Plain or Printed We Manufacture a Full Range Of Bespoke Bags

Production of plastic bags

With over 20 different conversion machines split over 3 sites we can offer the full spectrum in bag conversion and with a wealth of production experience we can advise on the best style of bag to suit your particular packaging requirements sometimes leading to a change in spec and resulting in cost savings.

With plenty of space, capacity and quick turnarounds assured you can deal with one approved supplier for all your needs.

We are also available to sub contract conversion only onto customers supplied material.

With all of our different conversion machines we are able to offer one of the largest range of bag types and specifications in the country. Our experienced machine operators can handle the most diverse specifications you may possibly require and will offer any advice if needed as to the best way to package your item to achieve your companies aims and objectives.

We have numerous Tools and Machinery attachments that can provide the re-inforced headers, lateral seals and euroslots (and double euroslots), bottom gussets, mitred lips, POH, V cuts, serrated lips, block head facility, hot foil warning notices, full produce and star perfs, internal and external captive flaps, document enclosed wallets, compartments, pre seal welds and interupted seals, triwall and multiwall bags.

All bags are offered in a wide range of materials that include Standard LDPE, MD, Co-Ex, CPP and OPP. From prime virgin materials to recycled and biodegradable / compostible options.

  • Bottom Weld Bags
  • Document Enclosed Envolopes
  • Draw Tape Bags
  • Grip Seal Bags
  • Hook Bags
  • Clip Close Handle Bags
  • Mail Order Bags
  • Courier Bags
  • Printed Bags
  • Patch Handle Carrier Bags
  • Perforated On Roll Bags
  • Post Gussetted Bags
  • Security Bags
  • Shaped Bags
  • Compartment Bags
  • Get in touch to learn more about the types of bags we make.