Environmentally friendly packaging

Mail Order Courier Bags

Mailing bags are fitted with permanent tapes and are available in numerous colours, from single mono film to co-ex. These bags can be printed either 1 side or 2 and with up to 8 colours (size depending). They also can be fitted with 2 tapes with serration (for product return), and can be fitted with a document enclosed pocket.

These can be supplied loose of POR. POR is extremely helpful especially with larger size bags and when packing speed is critical.

Mailing bags are needed if you run a business which sells products that you will need to deliver to the customer. Mail order bags are designed for postal and courier transport, therefore they are light, strong, waterproof and have an adhesive strip to keep the product locked.

Flexopack are able to manufacture bespoke mail order courier bags in order to ensure that your bags suit your requirements and are perfect for your business. By having your name, logo or slogan printed onto these bags it gives off a good impression of your business and also doubles up as a form of marketing,

If you are looking for Mailing Bags then Flexopack is the ideal packaging manufacturer for you.